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About Usaboutus

ZheJiag Anji Double-Tiger Bamboo&wood Industry Co., Ltd located in the famous Chinese Bamboo Home town ----AnJi country where is hugged by roll mountains . Our company produce good quaintly bamboo panel (bamboo board) , bamboo furniture board , bamboo veneer , with the concept of low carbonize and healthy environmental .

Our company covers an area of 30,000 square meters , with a construction area of 18,000 square meters , 300 employees . Our all kinds of bamboo boards, with six years old of fine natural bamboo as raw material, adopting international advanced new technology , are produced by strict material-selection drying ,hot pressing, sanding etc. , there are more than 20 procedures.

In order to meet challenge in the market of fierce competition , we pay more attention to the enterprise management spare no effort to improve our modern enterprise management level. We will as always ,with strong technical strength, advanced equipments, good after-sales service ,offer all our customers first-class products and services.